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The Poland-Belarus border clashes: migrant crisis or hybrid attack? - Shared screen with speaker view
Christian Kaunert
Feel free to send me any questions! You can do so here or directly to me
Sarah Leonard
A question for Kamil: what has been the impact of this crisis on the tensions between Poland and the EU about issues like the rule of law?
Eyene Okpanachi
Can we ask questions directly or you prefer we send you the questions?
Cathy Ovtchinnikova
I have seen several comparisons of this artificial migration crisis with the one that happened in Nicaragua. Would you consider that this is a more/less similar scenario to the Belorussian one than, for example, Turkey or Morocco?
Sadie Trent
Is using language such as 'weaponization of migrants 'detrimental to the attempt to solving the crisis and is Belarus's continued democratic struggles also detrimental to solving the issue
Olena Yermakova
Many thanks to all speakers for this very informative discussion! 2 questions, to any speaker:- how much is the discourse of weaponsisation new?- was it started by PiS and then picked up in Brussels, or where does it originate?Many thanks in advance!
Eyene Okpanachi
Question for Anne: You said that Poland does not need more troops. But is it not the case that Poland is strategically deciding the support it wants to use, considering that it recently received UK and Estonian troops?
Eyene Okpanachi
Question for Andras: You said the Belarus' "Revenge" mission was not successful. Would you not consider the 'delitimization' of Poland and EU's. norms and law regarding care towards migrants a successful strategy?
Kamil Zwolski, PhD
Thank you Christian and Sarah for organising, thank you all the participants, I got to go now, I really enjoyed it!
Sadie Trent
Thanks to Sarah for the invitation
Kate Hall
thankyou everyone. very good presentations/talks
Kate Hall
thankyou Sarah
Hilkka Becker IPAT
Thank you - very interesting presentations!
Mike Edwards
Thanks everyone. Happy holidays
Kate Hall
This is Joe Whitfield, sorry wifes zoom account
Kate Hall
thankyou Sarah