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Sounds good to me - A beginner's guide to audio feedback - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Smyth
Never used it - but I'm convinced by the study results
Siobhain McGovern
I found that audio prompted me to focus on feed forward rather than feedback, and this worked well for students.
Karen Buckley
Hi all, would love to try audio feedback for my students. I think that there is potential to use it among moderators/second reviewers too?
Sara Raftery
Marking guide is great to use to combine written and audio
Siobhain McGovern
The sense of belonging resonated with me as my students reported the same
Joanne Lynch
Do the current users feel they have to script their remarks or do they just talk?
Marie O Neill
really helpful insights. we are piloting audacity at CCT and got similar feedback. do you recommend a particular software.
Laura Gormley
I think this would be very useful for formative feedback on thesis drafts. I would really like to try this out.
Siobhain McGovern
Joanne, I thought I'd have to, but I got into that flow that Anne talked about!
Cicely Roche
might captioning satisfy some of the benefits of 'written'?
Marie O Neill
also will we be able to get a copy of your slides and the recording. Many thanks.
Suzanne Stone
Sure Marie, I will share both with participants later today/Monday am
Sarah Smyth
Do you find that students have difficulty accessing the recordings? Some of our students have old/inefficient devices and often I find that they are missing add-ons, etc.
Suzanne Stone
@ Sarah you can record directly into loop so once students so add ons shouldn’t be an issue.
Siobhain McGovern
Mac seemed to be a pronblem with my group of 394 students, and it was easily sorted.
Anne O'Connor
We now have SensusAccess converter software available on the library and shortly on loop. This enables students/staff to convert any document into a format which suits them. Related to this discussion - the 2nd most popular conversion is changing documents to MP3 , so shows the significant preference for audio
Sarah Smyth
Thanks guys! I had a student last week who needed to be talked through opening a download - but you are correct, they're very few and far between
Suzanne Stone
Thanks Anne, Sensus Access will help with those occasional issues
Cicely Roche
thank you - very useful insights!
Marie O Neill
At CCT College we found it particulary helpful for thesis proposals
Marie O Neill
This session has been superb. lots of practical takeaways. Thanks so much. We are upgrading our Moodle version at CCT and will promote the audio feature to faculty.
Clare Gormley
Thanks Marie! Great to hear!
Sarah Smyth
Yes really helpful. I'm currently looking up how to add audio to Word documents. It's a whole new world, thank you team!
Laura Gormley
Thank you Clare
Anne O'Connor
Many thanks Claire that was very interesting.