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Women's Activism in Bangladesh: A Panel Discussion (Ireland India Institute) - Shared screen with speaker view
Nasrin Khandoker
Dear all, thank you for coming here today. We will take questions and comments after all the presentations. You can write in the chat or raise your hand for participation.
Sayema Khatun
Thank you Nazneen. I great insightful work.Just curious a little more about your engagement with theoretical framewok capturing the limitation of the existing approach of awareness building.
Proma Ray Chaudhury
Please mute yourself if you are not a speaker. Thanks
Elora Shehabuddin
Thank you, everyone. I need to head to another panel. I look forward to catching the rest of this in the recording.
Sayema Khatun
@Nafisa, as you powerfully pointed out how the mainstream urban feminism/NGOs failed to address and reveal néo-libéral exploitation and how intersectional conversation has not been built adequately, do you find any other feminist consciousness/solidarity evolving organically within the society? How do you envision a way forward for any effective change?
Umama Zillur
I can’t believe how much you packed into that talk!
Nafisa Tanjeem
@Sayema, Shifa can talk about the work of Activist Anthropologists and some of the work their group has done. There have been some amazing grassroots labor organizing by Bangladesh garment sromik shonghoti and Bangladesh garment sromik oikko forum and many others
Mahmudul Sumon
When it comes to feminist knowledge production, is the scene painted by the panelists unique to Bangladesh? Can this scene be extrapolated to other regions in South Asia?
Nafisa Tanjeem
But it's tricky. Without continuous funds/resources, it's hard to sustain any grassroots organizing, so the impact has often been meaningful but small
Sayema Khatun
Thank you Nafisa, for your answer! I am also curious about social movements that address women issues.
Sayema Khatun
@Umama, your talk provided the compelling picture of the most recent uprise in the midst of long evolving anti-rape movement. It depicts how this movement has been transformed in terms of rhetoric and language as well as tactics and strategies. How do you evaluate the achievement of this uprise? How hopeful are you as a young activist?
Nafisa Tanjeem
This is so powerful!!!!!
Umama Zillur
Thank you so much
Umama Zillur
I have a question for Nafisa apu! How do we leave space for individual feminist actors’/orgs’ agency in deciding how they are engaging with the ngoization of the feminist landscape while critiquing this trend?
Sayema Khatun
Thank you Shifa! Make sense!
Sayema Khatun
@Umama, I concur the long-term approach believing women’s is the longest revolution! In solidarity and with sisterhood!
Umama Zillur
Thank you so much for asking your question
Umama Zillur
Thank you so much for having me. Learnt a lot from everyone.