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Panel Discussion: Drawing on UDL principles to improve accessible assessment design - Gallery view
Suzanne Stone
Apologies, welcome to Sarah Garvey also who is our ISL translator today. You can pin Sarah’s video pod to your screen if you need to.
Cicely Roche
likewise - need to get lunch so camera and mic are off.
Karen Buckley
@Evelyn that's an interesting comment regarding low self-esteem of students. I never really considered this to be a barrier before, but it absolutely is!
Karen Buckley
Great point, Rob - lack of coherent and strategic planning at programme level is a true barrier.
Suzanne Stone
Very interesting point Evelyn, self esteem is a hidden barrier in some cases and one that’s difficult to identify.
Suzanne Stone
at a recent teaching and learning day at DCU our student panel were clear that choice is wonderful but not when there is too much choice. So the plus one approach suggested by Lisa seems is a good balance.
Karen Buckley
This certainly resonates with me @Lisa.. I made the mistake of offering "too much" choice to my undergrads this year... and some found it very off-putting.
mark glynn
Everyone - what experience do you have of choice in assessment either as a student or a lecturer
Suzanne Stone
On the National forum UDL badge the assessment offered choice of video or written piece which to me was fantastic as I love video as a medium but others had the reassurance of a traditional format.
Clare Gormley
I agree with @karen aStudentsnot necessarily having the tech skills that others in the class might have itar
Clare Gormley
Aargh, sent to quickly… will correct!
mark glynn
Formative quizzes are great for helping reduce anxiety of students, if structured properly
mark glynn
Giving the opportunity to practice
Clare Gormley
Meant to say that I agreed re dangers of ‘too much choice’. If some students in class have great tech skills, that puts them at an advantage in the eyes of their peers. Agree that scaffolding/introductions are needed which means that time to introduce say video production skills needs to be factored in to the programme. All part of that programme oriented need.
Karina Curley
Agree totally Rob. We need to reframe out thinking on assessment and move away from the pressure in the final few weeks of semester.
mark glynn
The EDTL project that Rob referred to https://edtl.blog/
Lisa Padden
bonus points if you can spot my cat calendar behind one of our UCD students
Suzanne Stone
Haha Lisa! Just to mention that this video was produced by AHEAD. Links to resources mentioned today and more are available on the event loop page to those of you in DCU, https://loop.dcu.ie/course/view.php?id=53992
Cicely Roche
agree Evelyn - and their feedback feeds forward to rubric updates for subsequent years..... which ultimately increases guidance value inherent in rubrics as scaffolding etc
Karen Buckley
The SAPIA Project outputs have been so helpful over the last year. https://www.dcu.ie/teu/sapia
Suzanne Stone
Plus one approach by Thomas Tobin - this article discusses this approach. More resources also on the Loop page https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/news/plus-one-thinking-framework-inclusive-teaching
mark glynn
The url of the case studies https://www.dcu.ie/teu/case-studies-teaching more will be posted in the coming weeks
Clare Gormley
Well done all, such an informative session and important topic - thanks for sharing your views and experiences.
Edel Gallagher
I wonder if academic staff had to 'test drive' their assessments themselves, would they change?!
Clare Gormley
As a current EdD student, Edel, I would have to agree it’s an eye opener being on the receiving end as a student!
Karina Curley
Thanks Suzanne, Mark and team for all the sessions over the week - so much learning and so many good ideas.
Cicely Roche
I've been disappointed to not see any HEIs promote 'see-through' masks! -
Karen Buckley
Huge thanks all for this super panel!
Tim Downing
Thanks all, great to hear these experiences and insights (while I mark a zillion assignments)
Edel Gallagher
Thanks everyone for a very thought-provoking session, and for all the work this week.
Rob Lowney (he/him)
Yes well done Suzanne - it’s been a fantastic week overall!
Cicely Roche
many thanks for inviting us 'outsiders' - very interesting range of perspectives today.